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Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday is a time of joy.  We recognize and celebrate that as the People of God we exemplify and demonstrate the Sprit of God as Church.  As we patiently endure this health crisis in our country, with God’s help, we continue to express our faith and our care and concern for each other even though we we were and continue to be unable to come together physically.  

According to the most recent communication from the Diocese of Joliet, within a few days we may be able to gradually re-open the church at specified times.  Our parish staff in collaboration with staff appointed committees will submit a plan to the Diocese this week.  The plan will include social distancing, cleaning/sanitizing, wearing masks, and special liturgical safety guides. Once the plan is approved, we will publicize it on Facebook and on the website.  

This good news comes to us now on this Solemnity of Pentecost.  It is an appropriate time to remember that we are a Church reborn.  In our confinement we have taken the opportunity to pray and reflect on our experience.  We saw an overwhelming participation on our video/live streaming liturgies and reflections.  You may remember a parish survey that we took in January.  I find the  responses to two of the questions most interesting and encouraging, the question of reasons for attending Mass at St. John’s and the question of hospitality. The survey told us that then overwhelming majority of our parishioners who participate in liturgy at St John’s do so because they like the way Mass is celebratedThey don’t come just out of sense of obligation.  On the question of hospitality, the majority of our parishioners find that St. John’s demonstrates a wonderful sense of hospitality. Given these two important characteristics of our parish, a period of confinement is extremely frustrating. We are promoting the public good at a great sacrifice. Thank you for your patience and your commitment to our health and safety. The values of love for worship and a warm sense of hospitality have motivated us to patience and sacrifice. 

On this Pentecost Sunday we take consolation and we celebrate our discipleship.  Even though we have experienced confinement, I can say that our faith is alive and thriving. As we take steps in opening our parish facilities we will continue to exercise patience and sacrifice.  We will be challenged to comply with capacity limits, social distancing, and sanitary procedures. I am confident that we will do so with joy. It will be another opportunity to exercise good will toward each other. This is a invitation to celebrate a spiritual re-birth on this Pentecost Sunday. We will continue to demonstrate our life in the Spirit as we share our care and concern for the well being of each other.  We will continue to pray for those who are sick and those who have lost loved ones in this time of pandemic. 

Fr. Larry  


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