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The Solemnity of the Holy Trinity

This Liturgy for this Sunday invites to reflect and celebrate the central mystery of our faith. We believe in a triune God, three yet one in being.  We can never understand this, yet our faith calls us to appreciate God’s greatness as we experience the mystery of God in our lives.  

Many of the important aspects of our lives are best expressed as a mystery.  For example, we can’t explain the power of love, the gift of faith, the particular people who are a part of our lives, or why we have certain talents and abilities. We can’t explain these things and yet they are important to us.  

As we celebrate this Trinity Sunday we appreciate the mystery of God in our lives.  We believe in a God who is great and almighty, yet God is close and intimate with us.  The God who created the universe is the same God we encounter in the Eucharist. In the 17th Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, we believe in the God whom we live and move and have our being. The mystery of God is evident to us in the degree that we perceive God permeating our lives, yet we experience the awesome appreciation of the power of God and God’s infinite mercy. 

Often when we are captivated by mystery in our lives we are captivated by the mystery of God. We turn humbly to God as we ponder the mystery of the current historical moment. We are slowly recovering from the Covid -19 pandemic and the pervasive reality of sickness and death. We are currently experiencing social unrest due to the reality of racism and it’s pervasiveness on our way of life and the institutions that should serve the common good. On this Trinity Sunday we celebrate the God in whom we live, move, and have our being.Perhaps our celebration of this mystery can transform us so that we can make changes that demonstrate the presence of Christ We do this by the self giving love we 

show in our families, our community.  At this moment in our history we are invited to listen better, be understanding, and supportive, especially to our brothers and sisters who are treated unjustly. We should strive for the new normal that calls us us to see each other as sons and daughters of God. 


……………… a word about the re-opening of the parish facilities 

This week we will submit to the Diocese a request for permission to have Mass and other liturgical services at St. John’s. The plan will promote the health and safety of our parishioners. In the plan there will be a limited number of people admitted to attend Mass. Reservations will be required. All people will be required to wear masks and sit six feet apart. There will be a entrance plan and an exit plan. There will be specific instructions on the reception of the Eucharist.  After each Mass a team of people will clean and sanitize the Church building. For this reason, the Mass schedule will be changed. On approval of the Diocese, we will publicize a detailed explanation and a schedule of Church services. The Diocese insists that there be no public services held in the church building until permission is given.   We will send out a letter to all parishioners and make detailed explanations on Facebook and the parish website.  It will be a joy to return to public liturgy. I appreciate you patience. 

Fr. Larry 



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